Without a vision a people perish. Pr 10:
What is the vision of your ministry, company, collaboration? In a world of change and uncertainty it’s important that we have a long term vision for the impact we hope to make through the organization that God has given us stewardship over.
How do you develop a vision
How do you communicate that vision
How do you get by in for that vision.
We’re here to help, we can sit down with your group or team to help you walk through defining your overall vision and mission as you move your organization forward.


Strategic Planning

Now that you have a vision how do you put it into practice? What does it mean how does it look in the day to day operations of your organization.


Succession Planning

So what comes next? Your pastor is retiring, who’s going to take over. What do we want our church to be like in the next chapter. What kind of pastor do we want. We help you walk through that discussion, which can sometimes be hard to have especially if the founding pastor or current pastor is still in charge. We bring a neutral 3rd party to the table to moderate the discussion and help you set expectations for what you want next.


Merger Mediation

Are you considering merging with another church. We help guide you through the discussion, in a non-threatening way providing a neutral 3rd party that both groups can trust as you move your church forward into the next chapter.


Board Conflict

Conflict is not always a bad thing, most times something good can come of it or the individuals involved just aren’t feeling heard. We can mediated on behalf of your board help bring the real issues to the table help discuss the elephant in the room.


Church Split

Sometimes the conflict goes beyond the board room into the congregation. Our team has experience working with large groups in moderating discussions, sometimes people just want to be heard we help you do that.


Team Building

Have a team that needs help working together, we can help we have years of experience building and guiding teams to achieve their greatest potential.

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