Solution Sessions

Three levels to choose from


Provided in a 45 min to 1 hour session we will walk you through a facilitated experience to help your team build trust, develop a better understanding of their roles or managing change

In Service

Offered in a 3 hour working session, your team will be challenged to build trust, learn to strategize, or explore their inter-connectedness with themselves and their community.


The retreat package is offered in a 5 hour working block could be in a half day structure or spread out over a day or 2 day program. Covering issues of interconnectedness, strategic alignment or or an in-depth brainstorming, or a discussion of your choice.


Conducted in less than an hour our workshops provide an introduction to basic concepts of working together for the greater good.

Team Roles

What roles do you play on your team or board. When we understand our personality and how that fits with the rest of our team we are more likely to succeed at our joint venture


A lack of trust can cripple an organization or church. We walk you through some trust building exercises to help you learn the key elements of trust. Two options to choose from the Daniel experience and the Nehemiah experience.

Managing change

The fear of change or the constant stress of our changing world can wear a team down and effect goal setting and an organizations ability to move forward.


Completed within a three hour block could be a morning, afternoon, or evening session. Offers a more in depth approach to the topic

Build Trust

Builds on the trust workshop above, offers 3-5 trust experiences to build trust with your team. Two options to choose from the Daniel experience and the Nehemiah experience.


This is a team working session that helps you prepare for and lay the ground work for a more in depth strategic planning exercise.


Explores the interconnectedness of your team and community, can also explore the connectedness your organization has with the community at large.


Five hours of working time 3-5 separate sessions, spread out over a half day, whole day, or two day event.


We will help guide your group brainstorming sessions on a single topic or multiple topics that are of concern to your organization


Combining trust, personality assessments, connectedness exercise, and reach in the community.

Strategic Alignment

It’s one thing to have a strategic plan but do you think strategically and is it a part of what you do on a daily basis. What if circumstances change how do you adapt to the new normal and is your team aligned to your common goal.

Your Choice

We help you design a learning experience tailored to your organization needs.

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We help teams work together to reach their highest potential

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