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A bit about Tim

People are at the core of what drives Tim. His robust approach to leadership has been honed from over 35 years invested in the community through service and dedication. He has had the privilege of championing and fortifying organizations like the YMCA, chamber of commerce, churches and service clubs.

Speaking to groups large and small from homeschools groups and local service clubs to churches and business workshops.  Tim is a thoughtful clear thinking presenter who engages his audience in creative ways to get his point across.

Speaking on varying topics including false religions, Getting older, discernment, how to pray for your community, being a non-residential missionary.  To more self improvement topics like handling change, building a community, and seizing your opportunity.

He will engage and inspire you to be your best and seize the moment we have been called to impact.  Author of two books Embrace It and Idea Graveyard. Tim will keep you entertained and inspire you at the same time.

Tim also facilitates interactive workshops, team experiences and retreat packets that build alignment, trust, and strategic vision for your church, non-profit or community.

Motivational Topics

Normally 20 min (Service group) or expanded to workshop length


M&M’s of Change

Are you meandering or maneuvering through change?


Seizing Opportunities

Are you listening?
Opportunities are always before us are we ready when they strike or show up?


15% Challenge

How do you start something new? Where do you start? Getting started is half the battle.


Keep Doing Good

Where do you find the strength to keep helping others. Where does your commitment come from to continue serving your community? We delve into motivation and determination to help you keep going.

Christian Topics

Suitable for church service or other christian ministry generally 45-60 min.


Praying for your City

Paul tells us to pray for kings and those in authority, but how do we do that? This discussion goes into that.



Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. But in the days of fake everything how do we know what is true from a lie.


Non-residential Missionary

Jesus said the fields are ripe for harvest pray the lord to send forth laborers into his field. How can we effect the harvest from where we are..


The Climate Religion

In the end times there will be a one world religion what is it and what will it be. I think we have a good sample in the modern Climate Change Alarmism.

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