What happens next? Who is going to lead us into the next phase of our development or the next chapter of our church. No one can fill his/her shoes. This was his vision. Nobody wants to address what happens when the founder retires or is no longer able to lead to organization/company. In fact in churches this more of an issue than is spoken about the elephant in the room so to speak. We all see it or think it but speaking to the pastor about retiring is never an easy issue and who chooses his successor?

Many churches (founded by boomers) will be facing this dilima soon as many reach or have reached retirement age and plan to move on. How do you choose your next pastor and who leads that discussion. Maybe a third party neutral person is best for you maybe it can be handled in house but that’s a choice for the board to discuss. The key decision in that process should be who do we as the church want to be in our next chapter. Do we want want to decide that before hiring a new pastor or do we want to hire someone and let them determine the direction.

According to Acts 13 the elders in the church in Antioch were told by the Spirit to set aside Paul and Barnabus for the work that I have for them. So the Holy Spirit will speak to the local congregation about leadership as it pertains to the direction of the church. But how does that happen what is the process.

We are here to help lead those discussions, we may not have the answers but we believe that you do we just help bring it out we help you have the tough discussion to determine the direction your church will go in the future.