On my wall I have a plaque that says”lead with Vision” using Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish.

Is that so? Do people really perish if there is no vision.

Vision gives direction

Vision gives a higher purpose

Vision supports the cause when the chips are down keeping people motivated.

People need something to believe in.

Without it you are wondering without purpose. Think what would have happened to the pilgrims if they hadn’t had a vision for freedom of worship.

What all the ships transversing the seven seas prior to the satellite era, where would they have ended up if they didn’t have the stars to guide them.

What about the builders of the empire state building or Golden Gate bridge where would they have ended up. You get my point each of these started with a vision or an idea. But how do you develop a compelling vision or mission statement that your whole team can by into.

Through our guided discussions we have led many groups to develop their statement of purpose and vision.

A vision statement keeps you on track so you’re not running after every new thing, it keeps you focused on your core offerings and services, it makes you who you are.

But vision doesn’t come without conflict, sometimes people don’t agree with you vision or mission but at least it allows them to know where you stand and why you exist.