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Common Ground Strategies

We provide Solutions, Strategy and Speaking opportunities for Churches, non-profits, and small businesses in Southern California.

Started as a consulting firm to provide mediation for Non-profit boards and organizations I have expanded to provided guided team building experiences for teams, facilitation for strategic planning sessions, and speaking (training) to provide encouragement to your church, board or team.

Common Ground

A foundation of common interests or comprehensions in a social relationship or a discussion.
We are at our best when we work together as a team, but doing so requires that we are on the same page. I help teams learn to work together facilitating discussions that lead to greater team work and accomplishments.


A plan, method or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result.
Without a goal or a common direction our team will note know where to go and what to do next which leads to confusion, mis trust, discontent and other characteristics that hold a team back from accomplishing their best.

Basically, I help teams work together to accomplish their agreed upon goals. With over 30 years of group dynamics, team building and collaboration experience along with management and operation experience in the non-profit and church spheres. I am able to apply that knowledge and wisdom to help your team succeed and be its best in your church, small business or non-profit.

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